University of applied sciences, Vienna

It is a great challenge and honour to work with the students from the MA program in CSR in Vienna. The topics we are analyzing are CSR in SMEs and social entrepreneurship. The European perspective is only an additional asset to our fruitful discussions.

Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski

In the heart of the Bulgarian higher education with the students in the Master program “Corporate governance” we discuss the mastery of organizational behaviour and human resource management. Our additional issues of research and teaching are the business networks and their place in the global economy, as well as CSR.

Higher School of Insurance and Finance

For a first time in Bulgaria a higher school is offering a master program on „Corporate Social Responsibility”. Here I teach systematization and standardization of CSR, as well as international initiatives and activities for the concept development on world scale.

Overgas Inc. Management School

The Overgas Inc. trainees are an inspiring audience where we discuss the role of companies in sustainable development for themselves and the society as a whole.

Traineeship Program of UNGC Network Bulgaria

They are my pride and responsibility. The Traineeship program has great results because the students learn through action. Together we discuss, translate, organize and present about the values of Global compact.

KAUZI Foundation

The startups are the strongest sparkle of our society. They are awaken, focused, energetic, and ready to risk and devoted to their idea. To help them in the process of their strategy thinking, to mentor their business planning, to share your experience and contacts brings me the feeling of usefulness and participation in someone’s’ dream coming true.


The simulation model of UN system organized by SOFIMUN is successful and very popular. In 2011, in Bulgaria we managed to build a panel for Global Compact simulation. Since then, every year we welcome new delegates.

Guest speaker

I often visit various higher schools in Bulgaria and aboard where we discuss issues like CSR, sustainable management and entrepreneurship.

The conference participations allow me to present Bulgaria and the Bulgarian business as modern and successful destination for work and investments.

Social Networks

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